How Country Music Helped Me Through The Dark Times

It was the summer of 2014 and I was a relatively happy guy, I was coming to the diner near Duke St. to meet the love of my life, when I got inside, she was already there, looking so beautiful with a ponytail that I always like. I put out a big smile – she didn’t.

When I sat down, I greeted her and she didn’t reciprocate again, she was busy with her phone, seemed like she was talking to someone, I did not care for it because I am used to it by now, she always liked to use her phone.

I ordered coffee she had water, I asked her what do you want for lunch? She said “nothing, I already ate”.

Sensing that there was something off, I asked her what was wrong? She paused for a second and then put her phone face down, the said the words “we have to talk”.

I knew something was up, it didn’t take long actually, probably not even 5 minutes, and that was it. 5 years of relationship was over. Turns out, she had fallen to one of her co-worker and they’ve been dating behind my back for 3 months now.

She said that her sister will pick up her things in my house. Everything happened so fast that it seems like I got a whiplash.

I was so down. I didn’t wanna participate with any social gathering. Worse is, we had the same friends, and they all took her side. I was left with no one. She even took the dog. I loved that dog.

I was getting drunk almost everyday. I got fired from my job and well… you already know how this goes.

After months of being a shut-in, my friend Larry, went to my house and forced me to go to the lake. Me reluctant, said yes, I had no other choice since he let himself inside my house.

At the lake, we rode his father’s yacht, there were two fishing poles, an ice box a grill and a radio. Yeah, a radio, turns out his father is quite old school with this.

We got settled in and Aaron Watson’s song came on, it was called Bluebonnets. I listened to it for the first time and I just cried like a little child. Larry was there for me, a good friend he is.

We spent the whole day talking about the old times, drinking beer and grilling the fish that we caught. All while listening to country music.

Since then, I always had it playing in my house, then I learned that there are tons of country music artists out there all putting out awesome songs all the time.

Weeks turned to months again and the seasons changed, one day, I just woke up and then I felt “less heavier”. I cleaned my house, found a job. Basically took back the normalcy that I had neglected. I rekindled with my other friends with the help of Larry. Turns out they were there all along, I was just the one who was shutting them out.

I changed my life, and should I daresay for the better. I still haven’t found the one, but I think I will just be patient, and while I still haven’t found her, I will just work on my self. I don’t want to be needy and clingy anymore.

Country music has been such a big inspiration to me. There’s something about the rawness that it projects that makes me want to live my life to the fullest. 🙂