How I’ve Come to Appreciate the Beauty of Country Music

It was another lazy Sunday afternoon where I was playing my favorite instrument, the guitar. I was browsing around YouTube, looking for a new song that I could learn and play on guitar for my next solo gig in my Town, when I happen to click an “acoustic songs” playlist on YT.

So I was skipping around the video (it was 1 hour more than), when I came across a really cool intro where they played an acoustic guitar. And then I heard the lyrics… “In another time and place, Grandma would kiss my face..” those words really struck me and I couldn’t help but listen to it, it was Aaron Watson’s Blue Bonnets. It was so beautiful.

During those times, when somebody says country music, I would just think about cowboys and dirt roads singing about how their girl left them, and for the most part, that is the case lol. But There is just something more than that. I mean if you were to approach the genre with a criticizing point of view, then of course, all you’d be hearing are the stereotypes of country music. But it’s much more than that…

Country, for the most part has remained the good ‘ole 4 piece band. While other genres introduced fusions and electronic themes, my favorite genre has remained true to its roots. And it’s just so nice to hear real instruments especially in today’s more bubble gum beats. Although don’t get me wrong, country music artists aren’t afraid to venture to other genres. They are always evolving and looking for the next catchiest tune. But in essence, this genre sticks to humans playing real instruments.

They play basic chords and some people may frown on that, but really, it is an art. Finding creative ways to make a boring G D Em C chord progression for a song and turn it into a summer hit, trust me, it’s no easy feat.

I also like that the more older artists regularly teams up with the upcoming ones, they don’t try to gatekeep them, but rather, lift them up so more people would be able to hear their sound.

My dream is to go around the world and see adaptations of the country music genre in different countries. That would be so awesome.