Top 10 Facts About Luke Combs That Every Fan Should Know

Ah, yes, Luke Combs, the hitmaker of these past couple of years. For some, he is the embodiment of country. Staying true to his roots while still bringing in the taste of new school right into our ear canals. Luke Combs is the proof that if something ain’t broken, then we sure as heck don’t need to fix it. Multiply that 10 times and you get pure rawness of Luke’s musical talent.

Speaking of ten, here’s 10 interesting facts that you oughta know about him:

1. Passion Turned into Profession

Luke Combs is a 31-year old guy born in North Carolina. He started to make country music because it was his passion to play and even left his education to pursue his passion in music. Even if he was new to the music industry with a little less than 6 years, he immediately gained fame and earned three platinums.

2. His School and Course

Combs’ school way back was Appalachian State University from North Carolina and he studied criminal justice. He had a keen interest in social justice within his town. However, he pursued his interest in music and dropped out of school and began song writing.

3. First Single “Hurricane”

His first single was called “Hurricane” and was released on 2015. He did not release an album due to financial constraints, but he found success in 2017, and his song topped the charts in 2017.

4. Luke’s Hidden Talent

He is good at NBA 2K which is a game for consoles, he also likes football and rugby. He was a great player back then at his hometown and even actively participated with these sports.

5. Favorite Beer

As you might have guessed, he is still chugging some good ol’ Miller Lite.

6. The Big Artist is Also A Fan Too

Luke Combs is also a fan of Da Baby who is also an artist from North Carolina. He loves to support and be inspired by his fellow artists that keeps him grounded about making music. Whenever he listens to his fellow musicians, he always remembers on where he started and be humble on his journey.

7. Future Police Officer to Musician

He wanted to be a police officer way back his college, but he lost interest after he has found his passion to music. He does not want to law enforcement anymore and got into making music.

8. Music Dedicated to His Wife

His song “Beautiful Crazy” is about his wife that he wants to show his appreciation and love to her. Luke Combs also said in the lyrics that he loves his wife’s craziness very much and he owns her in a romantic way.

9. The Carnegie Hall

Luke Combs has already played in the Carnegie Hall which is a big thing for some artists. He performed there when he was a high school student to show his talent. The Carnegie Hall is a big place for artists and like a dream for each one of them.

10. A Goal Oriented Guy

Luke Combs is a goal oriented guy where he likes to set his goals in order to attain it. He also likes to keep his to do list so that he will not forget his objectives in life and should remain to his path to get it done. He also manages to do a step by step process, which gives a successful result to his career.