Abby Anderson – Juicy Lyrics

Skinny margarita
Aint that senorita
Take a trip down south
To my house
Baby I’ll know how to feed ya
Rolls like honey butter
Eat it up like yo last supper
Full flavor full figure you gonna need both hands

J U I C Y you wanna squeeze me
J U S T remember how to treat me
Got the curves that you wanna turn
Got a few things you gonna learn
J U I C Y you in to me
I’m juicy

Love is in the season
Birds and bees don’t need a reason
When the fruit is ripe on the vine
You know it’s pickin time
Cuz baby I’m

Don’t say you don’t like it
Don’t you knock it til you try it
Juicy juicy
Don’t even try to hide it
No there ain’t no denyin
All this juicy