Blake Henderson – Days Like That Lyrics

Verse 1
When you hear that song on the radio
takes me back 10 years ago
Frosted flier drivin to that golf course

Verse 2
Pack up my parents van
And I promise my old manI’ill be back
By supper time on Sunday if i can

Feels like a milion years ago
the gold
And the thing care cold

back to see
the road on the burn cd
that I like that

Verse 3
your on a nigt
years right
Call your permsissoion

Verse 4
Got on i happily
And I promise that I gave my everything

back to see
I a time ring
then i time like that

Verse 5
i to to loan
Got a on a change
That I had, that I had.

back to see
Saving my some bit free
that i like that
so i to say
that i had I had
Ohhhhhh i got..