Cameron Sacky Band – Plans Lyrics

Remember the day that you call me up, cryin’
I didn’t know how your daddy was dyin’
We were so young
Never get to shake his hand
I wish he’d actually understand all of the plans

Memories remained in that old double wa’
Some of the worst we’re like fang
duckin’ cover
Dad at supper
It doesn’t sense, to friends
That was the

We wear change
wouldn’t the
there’s that you understand

It’s day it’s borin’
of the that I tried ignorin’
finally catchin’ up to me
Beggin’ apologies
Beggin’ apologies
knows all the trouble face
imma church at Saturday disgrace
I’ve got the nerve to repent
maybe it’s part of

We wear ever
wouldn’t the
there’s that you understand
that was the

Trucin’ makes sense