Cody Belew – This is the End Lyrics

This is the end, my friend
We’ve seen it all lookin’ back
We promised to stay this way
Numbers exchanged for keepin’ track
But how could we know we’d grow
To forget the faces and names
Why can’t there be a sweet memory
Or we are remain the same

Verse 1
I heard you made quite a name for yourself
As successful as they come
And that you found a love and settled down
And that he may be the one
Remember how time, time couldn’t keep us apart
And distance a trivial thing
Most likely to be together forever
It’s funny how everything’s changed

I had a love
Well you know I have you
Since we couldn’t make sense of our dreams
That these qualities never stacked up to you
And they all saw and end my needs

Verse 2
Don’t worry I’ll find yours fine life happier
Happy and gettin’ along
I wish I had just, just a piece
Of your light
Cuz I just keep comin’ alone
But it was so good to see you
And to know that your life
Has turned into your dreams comin’ true
If anyone deserves
Anyone, anyone deserves happiness baby
Mmm, it’s certainly you

This is the end, my friend
We’ve said it all with goodbye
I wish you the best
I guess I should be gettin’ on
Be gettin’ on with my life
Gotta get on with my life
Gotta get on with my life
It was so good to see you
Mm-mmm laladalalada
So good to see you