Dalton Domino – Wasn’t Her Own Lyrics

[Verse 1]
My mother quit making her own sweet tea
When we moved to Bowling green
A few weeks after my brother will was born
She used to be a bumble bee
Till she slowed down talking to dad and me
And my brother became something she ignored.
One night she slept for three-days straight
The next 4 weeks she’d get headaches
And complain how she couldn’t sleep no more
She wrote to dad how she felt misplaced
she knew love shouldn’t feel this way.
And there aint no gettin back to how it was before

What scares me the most
About growing old
Is what if All I knew of her Winds up gone
I know The day will come Where we alll move on.
But most of what she took wasn’t her own.

[Verse 2]
When she left my father cried I was angry but I tried
So he had someone there for him
He took her loose ends and strung em tight
With a bottle of wine from their wedding night
Im still dont know how he kept from caving in. P

[Verse 3]
That morning was hot and I couldn’t breathe
from my tie and folks talking to me
As if what they said could steal me me away from here
Family members I didnt know
Passed my brother around till they had to go.
So we could start picking up what she left in the air.
Now its gonna be Steel toed boots and oven mitts
Dad will take on roles that will halfway fit
And do his best to show we aint to blame
Well look back on how he handled it
How the hardest years went without a hitch
From a hard earned faith he’d find along the way