David Pugh – Madison Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Madison was a dreamer
Hooked deep and firm
Believing for all the finer things in life

Not the money or the riches
Lotta ticker gets her kicks
On the rocks with a planner
Keeping in line

Had her whole life set
Right before her
Until the past turned up
her feeling away
Come on baby it’s a bump in the road
Nothing you did change

[Verse 2]
She said quit
college bands the first year
Crying the things
That can’t control
Had learn
from the fire
That was burning
the hard work that done
so late

So hard learn
And let go
But stepped up big
But she’s sleeping alone
take a little rest
From the problem
Grip on the side you show

[Verse 3]
Meanwhile was broken
Disencoping with a bottle bang
To on feet
ironic, genotonic
Stroking the bottom
More times I’d like admit
And some good buddies
above ground
But alas knew
That was away
Till saw that angel
Walking behold her
Caused her heart stand still
the pain

Broken ones fly by
Not a word a sigh
old with glancing
Over the surface
all work out
you around
Not you
Falsify with a warning
you shot me
No after we talked
Sitting late with the stars
Take back
And fall asleep on the sofa
Can’t stop me
more kiss
more night
the is so far gone
you take hand
And seal our eyes
On the dark days
Found it’s worth
It’s a road back
It’s a tough road back
the light’s finally
Come on
I’ll never leave