Emily Brooke – Think You’re Jolene Lyrics

I know that you got my number
and you know he’s with me
So I can’t help but wonder
how could you even believe
That there’s a chance, in hell
That you’d ever cross his mind
So listen let me tell ya
He’s coming home with me tonight

like you think you’re something
Youre with fire, i’ll it
like you wanna be me something
honey you none my
his lips kiss me in the morning
And every night I’m the one he’s holding
you’re a fantasy
like you think you’re jolene

me paint you a picture
us wrapped up in these sheets
he thinks forever
He’s only thinking me
waste your time
Maybe you don’t understand
your heart
It like you can take my man

me let ya easy
me let ya down
me let ya easy
me let ya down