FINMAR – In Common Lyrics

Just two people
With two points of view
From two different sides of the country too
You got your mama’s sweet disposition
I got my dad’s hard headed ambition
But somehow I got you and I’m learning everyday

We won’t agree on everything
Even if try
Cause we’re about as different as the day is from the night
We’re fire and rain
We’re whiskey and we’re wine
But if all we have in common is loving each other
All of the time
We’ll be fine

I used to see the world
In black in white
Til I took a look through your technicolor eyes
You used to move just as fast as the city
Now your Mississippi slowing down with me
Cmon kiss me opposites attract we’re living proof of that

We’ll be fine ya we might fight sometimes
We won’t always see eye to eye
But we’re better together making a play at forever
Oh I know