Ian Munsick – Blazin’ Lyrics

I was a one shot, two shot, three shots in
One for me, one for her, one for why’d it have to end
Yeah that bottle of Bulleit wasn’t healing my heart, It’s just making it worse
Then that blonde-hair long-legged shot in the dark, fixed me up where it hurt

came in them blazing, blue eyes looking the sun breaking neon clouds
One look and I was done wasting my chasing that around
The cold those swinging doors a mans plans and em yours
When came in them blazing

I was hands up bottle down it’s looking up here
If it’s a one one one dance and like smoke, disappear
Well that me yeah

were making high outta midnight, like came the Wild West
When that settles by the end of the night, in the sunset
that me, girl that me when