Kidd G – I Hope Lyrics

Verse 1
I hope your granny runs out of cornbread
I hope an acorn hits you in the head
I hope your sweet tea runs out of ice
I hope you end up alone tonight
I hope your beer comes out to be warm
I hope you lay in a yard of thorns
I hope he meets his cousin and loves her more
I hope you burn your marshmallow roast in s’mores (yeehaw)

Verse 2
I hope your car goes in a lake
Hope your bird, dog gets bit by a snake
I hope your farm gets sold to a guy
With the first name Jake
And I hope he tells you you’re tacky
While he is walking around in his Khakis
Cause I know he’s a city slicker
I hope he falls in love with your sister

Verse 3
I hope your pops tells you he don’t love you
Puts a stripper above you
I hope Duck Dynasty don’t show up
On your TV tonight (bitch)
Hope you run out of your wi-fi
While you’re scrolling through sci-fi
I hope that one night he gets you pregnant
And you and him end up on Maury

I hope by now you miss me
I hope you know you did me wrong
You did me wrong (You did)
I hope you know I loved you
I gave you everything
I hope you see me down the road
And it takes you down memory lane
I hope you remember our first date
Turned your best day into your worst day
I hope that your sunshine goes and turns to a rainy day