Lakeview – Money Where Your Mouth Is Lyrics (Gideon)

Verse 1
I was raised with a back hand
Yes sir and no ma’am
Crush every problem with a cold can

Yeah I learned alota lessons
Know not who to mess with
I Take it out back like a real man

I hear your running your mouth
Only when I’m not around
Paybacks a bitch and the script
So pony up you’re to get ass kicked

If something to say
Step up to the plate
a time, name a place
You sign the to pay

Your word ain’t worth a dime
cash a check write
The chips down, walk away
So here’s a tip to take

If wanna talk
your money where your mouth is

Verse 2
I was friday sippin
Young Buck chirping the

Never wanna the guy
buddy after that
I teach to act

Bridge (Gideon)
Yeah running your mouth
Teach we settle down south
Yeah, you’re real quick
a one ticket to a boot in your ass, bitch
Oh yeah
ever caught a hook
From a redneck
Get back I ain’t yet
Learn a from the kid
Pony up put your money where your mouth is