Morgan Harper-Jones – Tell Me That You Miss Me Lyrics

Tell me that you miss me
So that I can feel a part of something more
‘Cause I quite like to hear it
From a voice I haven’t heard it from before

Tell me that you think of me
Each night before you go to sleep
And I can live with what I came here for
Could you just tell me that you miss me
And don’t say anymore

Do you still skip the sad songs
To stop yourself from feeling anything
Like I turn off the radio
When I hear someone sing your city’s name

There’s a letter that I wrote to you
I know I’ll never send
But I checked the spelling
Cause you’re so just an OC
I always hated that about you
But kinda miss it, now you’re gone

Is it too close to the bone, to settle on
Drinking cheap red wine
Do you lay by the lake
Wonderin’ if I’m having doubts
Do you almost reach out
But remind your self that nothing’s change

Could you just tell me that you miss me
So I know you feel same