Nicolle Galyon – Winner Lyrics

I lost my dad at three
Along with half my family tree
I lost my virginity
Later than everybody and
Still wasn’t ready

I lost my first hometown
And a box with my homecoming crown
Chasing down that Nashville sound
In a 92 hand-me-down (but)

I was born in a town called Winner.
And my name means victory.
So you can only imagine
All of the pressure I put on me (oh it’s)
2 points for the girl in the mirror
A gold star for the girl next door
But what good is being a winner
When all you’re doin’s keeping score?

I lost some weight at 22
Some guy twice my age told me to
On 16th Avenue
It’s hard to make a penny
And everybody’s skinny

I lost some ground
When I took the name
Of someone who
Already won the game

I lost some cred
And I lost my head
But I found my voice
And I made my own bed (cuz)

Two points for your first gold record
You’re Number 1 but you want one more

Thought if I could just be a winner
That’s all anybody would see
But I’m over overachieving
These days my greatest victory is a

High five for the girl making dinner
First place for a family of four

I was born in a town called Winner
But I don’t live there anymore.