Omer Netzer – Point of View Lyrics

I see you do a double take
In the mirror when we’re running late
And I know you’re second guessing
Your hair and your dress and
Thinking that you wanna change

But I see it in a different light
Looking at ya from the other side
And if I’m being honest
You’re looking flawless
But girl you can take your time

Cause I love everything about you
But I know that’s harder for you do

But if you could see what I’m seeing
Then maybe you’d feel like I’m feeling
Like the world gets quiet
Every time that you smile
And even the moments you wanna take back
I love you even more when you’re like that
Yeah I wish that you could see you
From my point of view

Ya never feel like you’re living up
Afraid you can’t give me what I want
But you’re all that I need
And my love comes free
Girl you’re more than enough to me