Scott Stevens – Gambling Man Lyrics

Shift in the time of day
When the night makes a way
Up in the sky
When sunset and Tennessee Fine set the scene
I can read the signs

I hear an Eldorado

I smell some Colorado

I’m pony golden holding open bottles
No Muddy River boats from here until the coast of Tunica

But if I was a


Gambling Man

I’d bet/raise this drink in my hand
And/bet the southern sun don’t stand a chance

I’d double down that they both go down quickly and hit me

I’d let it ride

And let the good times roll tonight
Burn through my last dime

I’d make a wager that everything just
Started heating up

If I was a Gambling Man


I’d start passing 7 and 7s
A round for everyone rolling in

And if the moon starts to light
And the shots all aline

I might even open a line up

If was a

I hear an Eldorado
I smell some Colorado

Yeah I’d be on a redeye to Nevado

If I was a