Scott Stevens – Routine Lyrics

No sheet shaded lamp light
A house key on the bedside
Half empty closet
That gray Louis Vuitton bag I gave you

Gave my shirt back
Still perfume on it
And the cotton sheets you bought for me
Tossed on top my Cali king
I’m lost in this bed
When you’re getting Friday ready smell of L’Oréal and Chamomile goes right
To my head

I start thinkin’ bout
Songs we used to love dancing to the rhythm of
I turn them up and let them play

I start reaching for a lighter and a glass of wine
Like we did a thousand times
and say it’s a phase
But I can’t quit

I’ve given up trying to try
Forget forgetting
I’m no closer to closure
It’s just how I’m living
My everyday to day

My every night the same
My hopeless fool hoping you’ll come back to me

No sleep without whiskey
And I keep myself busy
In the crowds downtown
I get home to the quiet
But I can’t stand the silence
It’s too loud to drown out so

Fall asleep and dream of you and me
Then wake up to reality
All over again