What Makes Country Music Great

A genre of music created from the deep roots of blues and folk music is Country music. Country music is a broad genre. It spans into several subgenres and two general classifications, Old Country Music and New Country Music.

The genre’s popularity can be attributed to the Southern part of the United States during the early 20th century.

Since then, country music has made rounds worldwide. It is a genre you so often hear in radios–which were the most popular platform to play or listen to music back then.

Questions linger on our minds. What makes country music well-loved, not only by the Americans but everyone in the world? What is so great about the genre?

Country Music’s Appeal To The Masses

One of the key features common to the genre, whether old or modern country music, is string accompaniments, from guitars to banjos, to fiddles, and a whole lot more. Many people find these instruments to be very appealing and soothing. These instruments can evoke all types of emotions, whether it is sadness, or joy, or anger. Sometimes, country music does not need words to express any feelings. The instruments can do the job alone. Hence, country music is an excellent genre for them to listen to.

Early country music, or back when the genre was first starting, had very simple lyrical concepts yet never failed to tell a story. And because of this, it made it easier for the general population to listen. Country music became very relatable. Singer and songwriters of country music would write songs about literally anything under the sun.

Were you feeling gloomy or heartbroken? Country music is the answer. Want to dance? Play an upbeat country music. Want to play a religious song? Country music got you covered. The genre has all sorts of themes.

While country music has significantly evolved through time, modern-day country music still touches on personal stories that resonate with the masses. It remains to be a genre you can sing your heart out to any song. New country music is just as extraordinary as old country music.

Most of all, what makes country music so celebrated around the world is its essence. The essence of the genre is to bring people together.

How Country Music Brings All People Together

It is believed that music is the universal language that unites all people. With more than a hundred different language and cultural barriers globally, when it comes to music, the world becomes one. That can be said about the genre known as country music.

As country music is a very relatable genre, people worldwide and of different ages can enjoy it without much thought. Country music allows everyone to feel comfort in the rhythmic patterns of stringed instruments and the melancholic voices of the genre’s artists.

You can cry listening to one country music, and the next thing you know, you are putting on your dancing shoes while still listening to the same genre. Diversity is ever-present in country music, from its themes down to the people it serves.