What Makes Country Music Great

What Makes Country Music Great

A genre of music created from the deep roots of blues and folk music is Country music. Country music is a broad genre. It spans into several subgenres and two general classifications, Old Country Music and New Country Music. The genre's popularity can be attributed to the Southern part of ...
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old country vs new country

Old Country VS New Country Music

One of the most popular music genres is called Country music, also often known as Western music. It originated in and was popularized by rural Southern and Southwestern American states. The genre is uniquely known for having accompaniments of string instruments like guitars and banjos. Country music also often consists ...
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willie nelson bio

Willie Nelson is Changing People’s Lives Through Country Music

Country music is an American style of music that was popularized in the early 1920s. It originated from the southern and western parts of the North American continent. Country music is very distinct as it has the roots of ballad and folk songs, with heavy use of string and percussion ...
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Country Music's Impact on American Culture

Country Music’s Impact on American Culture

The rise to prominence of the genre of Country music is not only significant to the music industry. But it also holds impeccable value to American culture, history, and tradition. As Country music was generally created and popularized by the Southern and Southwestern parts of the United States, music critics ...
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Top 10 Facts About Luke Combs That Every Fan Should Know

Top 10 Facts About Luke Combs That Every Fan Should Know

Ah, yes, Luke Combs, the hitmaker of these past couple of years. For some, he is the embodiment of country. Staying true to his roots ... (Continue Reading)
blake shelton top 10 interesting facts

Think You Know Blake Shelton? Here Are 10 Interesting Things About The Legendary Country Singer

Blake Shelton. Merely hearing his name will definitely tell you how influential he has become in the music and entertainment industry. Like most artists, Blake’s ... (Continue Reading)


Kenny Chesney Spends “Christmas In Blue Chair Bay”

Kenny Chesney Spends “Christmas In Blue Chair Bay”

After almost a decade of hiatus from making Christmas records, singer-songwriter Kenny Chesney is back with his latest Holiday offering—the Christmas in Blue Chair Bay ... (Continue Reading)
Dan + Shay & Canaan Smith - Where It All Began Tour Concert Review (Sayreville, NJ)

Dan + Shay & Canaan Smith – Where It All Began Tour Concert Review (Sayreville, NJ)

The musical duo Dan + Shay shared their one of a kind music to the New Jersey fans through the tour entitled Where It All ... (Continue Reading)
Jingle Punks Creates Nashville-Based Company: Pop Up Music

Jingle Punks Creates Nashville-Based Company: Pop Up Music

Nashville will soon have a new home for some good music under the top company for music, film, advertisements, and television productions Jingle Punks. CEO ... (Continue Reading)
Scotty McCreery Explains His Music Journey & Heads Back to NJ

Scotty McCreery Explains His Music Journey & Heads Back to NJ

The colorful musical journey of Scotty McCreery and his comeback to NJ for a huge performance With his alluring voice and looks, country singer Scotty ... (Continue Reading)

Country Lyrics

Madeline Merlo - Tim + Faith Lyrics

Tim + Faith

[Verse 1] We spent our 17th summer with the radio I was your Mississippi girl You were my green grass ...
Charlie Worsham - Kiss Like You Dance Lyrics (Kip Moore)

Kiss Like You Dance (Kip Moore)

[Verse 1] Rain drops tappin' on a tin roof Droppin' us a backbeat goin' all night Paper cups, line em ...
Travis Tritt - Nobody's Fault But Mine Lyrics

Nobody’s Fault But Mine

Nobody's fault but mine nobody's fault but mine If I die and my soul be lost Nobody's fault but mine ...
Tyler Booth - My favorite Drink Lyrics

My favorite Drink

Bartender said what's wrong I said the story is long Had me a tan-legged 10 Making my head spin 'Til ...
Tyler Booth - I Got Paid Lyrics

I Got Paid

This newfound lifestyle's been pretty damn good to me Real good-looking beaches Surrounded by a bunch of palm trees When ...
Alex Hall - Easy On A Heart Lyrics

Easy On A Heart

[Verse 1] Maybe you could look over your shoulder Maybe you could leave something behind So I know you'll be ...
Ian Munsick - Long Live Cowgirls Lyrics

Long Live Cowgirls

She's a gooseneck on a dually A long neck at the bar Loves old John Wayne movies Waltzing under them ...
Abby Anderson - Ain't Gone Yet Lyrics

Ain’t Gone Yet

[Verse 1] Found a girl that looked like me When I first moved to town Had stars in her eyes ...
Abby Anderson - The Reason I Stay Lyrics

The Reason I Stay

[Verse 1] How many times will I take this rollercoaster ride, make myself sick before I realize I can just ...