This site HomeSweetCountryMusic.com is made for educational purpose only. It is made for people who have problems figuring out the lyrics of a certain country song. Due to the thick American accent that is commonly associated with country music and its culture, quite a few people has trouble in singing along to their favorite song because they are not able to figure out the words that are being sung by their favorite artist. Being die-hard fans of country music, we try to transcribe the lyrics and make it available here for free for everyone to enjoy. We do not claim ownership to these songs and lyrics and all the rights belong to their respective label, artist, composer and other legal entity that beholds the right to said materials. If you think that we have posted materials that belong to you and would wish for us to remove it, we will do so as soon as it is possible for us. You can reach us here.

Why do we need to monetize this site?

It is necessary for us to earn through this website to cover our Domain and Hosting costs and for the cost of further developing the site to provide a better user-experience to the visitors of HomeSweetCountryMusic.com

What we don’t do

We do not host any illegal materials that will otherwise violate copyright of the respective artists. If music is present into our site, it will be done so by embedding Youtube videos or Spotify playlists. We do not and never will host any form of music or files that belongs to any artist, whether major artist or independent artist.