Calder Allen – Just Pray Lyrics

Well it’s haze come down from the skies above
and it’s rainin’ down on the plains we love
it’s a long way now
to the rainbow
Soon appears beneath the clouds
on the horizon lights bleedin’ out
past the night falls
Don’t know the God
I don’t know the power
Don’t know the sequence
I know it matters
I don’t know the answers
I give and go
I pray
the spirit can’t deny
A force nature that’s tryin’ to fly
You’re wastin’ askin’ why
So pray

remember the past and hold a blame
we look at the present it’s the same
not realize
we’re closer together far apart
we share love within hearts
can change
So why are there demons?
Why there war?
sin counts so much more
Yeah times are changin’
can’t ignore
So pray
But we gotta try
it right
Sing more songs
Songs delight
Reasons being to spread the light
Just pray

Just pray
Just pray

So on now
Take a look inside
You’ll your reasons
Go out why you’re more
In the world
we’re die
that’s a fact
But a well lived
a well had
So go
live it
out the line
wastin’ time
give them hell
the stories
Be the things in life
The things to sacrifice
Through and pain

Just pray
Just pray
Just pray
Just pray