Dasha – 42 Lyrics

You ask how many more days
I say 42
Til I move back to Nashville
Since you been countin’ too

Strange how in November
It’ll be a year I’m missin’ you

I almost can’t believe it
I get to see you soon
And more than just a visit
I’ll be livin’ there you

And praying we’ll up
where we left off in back room

To tell girls you were kissing they a run
It’s and through
you’re lady’s moving back to city
And it’s not instead I’ll get to you

And penthouse pad view
And my tooth bursh in bathroom
And you can tell I’m tryna act cool
But do I get to you?

I you in red light
Laughing a kid
The first you kissed me
I got back my innocence
two weeks I’m leaving
Four shoes porch
All makes sense, it makes sense

And if I never left
You wouldn’t be phone
I’d be sleeping chest
this size alone
And we’d be more than a picture
We in our heads
And I get to you my best

And I tell boys I’m kissing
That they a run
It’s and through
I tell they ladies
Moving back to city
And it’s not them
It’s you get to me

Almost naked in backseat
You bite my lip cause I laughing
I never felt this ******* happy
And now you get to me