Dylan Schneider – College Town Lyrics

Every weekend
Yeah I’d drive up to see you
That coffee shop on campus
Is where I’d always meet ya
We’d stay up too late
Talkin bout our dreams
Where we wanna go
And what we wanna be
Yeah I used to love that place
But baby now I think

I hate that college town
I hate those college bars
Where we would shoot tequila
Then walk back to your dorm
I don’t know if it’s wrong
For me to feel this way
I didn’t wanna leave
I wish you didn’t have to stay
Baby who knows now
Maybe we’d of worked out
If it wasn’t for that college town
I hate that college town

I bet Kilroy’s
On Kirkwood’s probably jumpin
You’re probably feelin’ tipsy
And you ain’t paid for nothing
Do you still order up Patron
And wish that tab was mine
There’s a part of me that thinks you don’t
And maybe that’s why


I miss your crazy friends
I miss the way it was
I miss those long drives
I wish I didn’t but