Grace Potter – Masterpiece Lyrics

Somewhere in the middle of the seventh grade
I realized that everyone my age was an asshole
Yeah, yeah, yeah

From there everything began to escalate
It’s much more fun to climb a gate than a flagpole
Yeah, yeah, yeah

I was the long lost kid in the middle
Of the long lost American Dream
So I up my paintbrush started my masterpiece

I no money but I the time
some sticky fingers, the world was mine
In my klepto phase
I stole my way the deep sea
I for my dignity
Stamp my passport
If you please

Yeah I was a teenage troublemaker
On the run from the police
Yeah but trouble’s an chapter
In my masterpiece

He was wearing a funny name
And told that his daddy was an Attache
And made a woman
In the middle of the ocean

I touched down in Montreal
I my future yes I it all
Singing ‘Yes I yes I can,
Yes ma’am!’

I a new my shoulders
And a nice pair of *******“
I said goodbye to the Virgin
And hello to my Masterpiece


Embroider all my vices
Catharsis crisis into one

For the sake of the story
Imma ahead
Past the about the Grateful Dead
to Booker-T
(and don’t forget the MG’s)

I danced holes my wooly socks
I felt a funny tickle cause I pop rocks
In my pussy

I was the long-lost of disco
Dancing thru my jock-strap dreams
In my funky Fiat
Chasing down my Masterpiece

Major Tom, Harry ghost
Helped stir the madness of my woes
Like sugar in my teacup
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Now I don’t shoplift
And I don’t blackout
I have a handle I have a spout
a grownup

But I get that when I drive my school
How be so cruel
But painting fucking climbing trees
And with my devils beasts
And every ugly of me
a just a color in the palette of my ever-lovin’