Greylan James – Make the Best Memories Lyrics

a 2 tone long bed, dent in the door 4×4
from the 80’s, makes the best truck
& a cheap beer 12 pack, with a them boys that go way back
gettin’ crazy, makes the best buzz
& small towns make the best hometowns
make the best sunsets
make the best backgrounds & hands down

we make the best late nights
we make the best hangovers
we make the best lies up
to ditch our friends to get a little bit closer
we make the best mess of a cheap beach hotel bed
most of my won’t forgets got you in the scene
we make the best, make the best memories

make the best memories

like that one we found out the taste of my bud light & your
makes the best kiss
the time i met ya to the time i let ya almost get away girl & i
drove all night just to see ya
i could on & on
just reminisce on & on & on cause

tonight let’s make another one
little bar or a tangled up covers one
it could be whatever, yeah it’s gonna be a love it one
that hangs around, cause hands down

like that time in la, & that time in my backyard
all the stars we counted
that downtown game of darts you won
you made me dance on the bar honey we make the best