Josiah and the Bonnevilles – Another Day at the Factory Lyrics

Of course, I’ve done different jobs there
but the last thing I did, I was in the packing line

Well, my old man worked his whole life
Morristown, Tennessee, lifting them couches on the packing line
for the Lee Industries
You might say it’s a lowdown
you might say it’s defeat
but it’s good for my old man
it’s good for me

And I sure as saw myself here 33
but all them ain’t pay themselves
let tomorrow bring
the factory
the factory
the factory
the factory

I leave my about sunrise
seven I that clock
up with for a two
on my way out to the dock
there goes Morgan on the forklift
really she’s hot
calm six feet tall
I ain’t got shot

I clear my mind I do my time
I have to leave
till I to come in like
some freed from
the factory
the factory
might be the death me
the factory
might me to my knees
the factory
when I’m old a time
you might find me asking God
I could back to my prime for the factory