Logan Murrell – Talk To People Lyrics

I was at the beach at a thrift store
guy sitting around waiting for his wife
Said where you from?
he ended up talking to me

Bout life and love
Said this never would’ve happened
In the 60s
But now we’re laughing and
Shooting the breeze

talk to people
tell them they mean more
than just a face in the crowd
nah it don’t cost a thing
to take time
smile and be kind
cause a stranger can change your world
in minute yeah

my best friend
was standing in line at a coffee shop
his phone was dead so he looked up
into beautiful hazel eyes
he said hello
She said hello
That’s how the story goes
That was the day he met the love of his life

Say hello
How you doing
Are you okay
Are you grooving /to this music at the show
On the radio

Talking to people
talking to people
Talking to change the world
Let’s change it
Let’s change it