Mikele Buck Band – Broken Heart Lyrics (Brooke Lee)

Verse 1
I wouldn’t be in there if I hadn’t been blue
Drowning memories ain’t it not approved
Feeling all the hurtin’, every word every George Jones song

Verse 2
I wouldn’t stayed so late, if I hadn’t been there
Would have order in another round
Out of juice I had one been goin home

have all have been
in pan
lookin hour there falling apart

wouldn’t have have call
Out of phone
on heart

Verse 3
I’v written our love become true
Even the wanted it to
I dont there the time
it wouldn’t been so wrong

Verse 4
Coz have it have been
in phone
the hours, there flling apart

have have call
Out of phone
I’m heart
of whiskey loneliness pain,
Its as it looks
I wouldn’t thing

You have all woud have been
else seem live far
Oh hours falling apart

dance we have call
Out of phone
I’m witha heart
you’ve in so heart
Yeah, it heart