Natalie Hemby – Banshee Lyrics

Verse 1
Moonlight between the pans,
Footsteps walking behind,
Follow it too Close to comfort.
Dressed in new ravelry
Lace hangin’ from the sleep,
Tattered and torn by a lover.

Alone on a wedding day
Eighteen and seventy-eight
Faint bells ringin’
From the church.
Blue eyes and auburn hair
She’d thought he was standing there
Cuz mine’s a dead ringin’ for her.

Ooh, Banshee please leave my lover alone.
Ooh, please don’t take him to the shores you’re steppin’ on.

Verse 2
Mine is the handy take,
She wants them anyway
Seal it off with a kiss.

But little does she know
That mine is not a ghost,
That they’d bury her hard work.

Ooh, Banshee please leave
My lover alone.
Ooh, please don’t take him
To the shores you’re steppin’ on.

Ooooh ooohh
Ooohh whooo-hoo
Oooh oohh
wooo-hooo ooh

He’s standing next to me,
He sees you in his dreams
Lingering over the bed.

But legend has been told
If you wanna kill a ghost
You gotta send ’em back to the dead.

Ooh, Banshee please leave
My lover alone.
Ooh, banshee don’t take him
To shores you’re steppin’ on.
Ooh, banshee if you don’t
Let us rest in peace,
I’ll leave you runnin’
Like a banshee.

Song Meaning & Review

In the first part of the song, I got the impression that the singer is talking about a girl who is known for a reputation of stealing someone else’s man (much like a banshee but a different concept.)

I got this impression from the words, “lace hangin'” and “tattered and torn by a lover”. Or maybe I was just assuming things.

Then again, the lyrics of the song say otherwise. Now at the second part of the first verse, the singer talks about how the banshee girl is alone on a wedding day with blue eyes and auburn hair, and that the girl got the attention of the singer’s man.

To strengthen this, it’s worth mentioning that in the bridge of the song, the singer says that her man is seeing the banshee girl in his dreams. Some listeners might be like, “How would she know what her man is dreaming about?”, well when the singer said, “He sees you in his dreams.”, it must’ve been because the singer has heard her lover talk about the banshee girl in his sleep (shocking).

I know for a fact that the girl isn’t literally a banshee, just a one-word term to describe what kind of person she is, much like calling someone a “snake”.

I might just be assuming things again, but then at the chorus of the song, the singer is literally asking banshee girl to leave her lover alone, like “stay away from my lover, don’t steal him from me”.

And I actually like the attitude at the last part of the song where the singer said that if banshee girl doesn’t let her and her lover stay in peace in their relationship, she’ll have banshee girl running.