Tim McGraw – Nashville CA/L.A. Tennessee Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I left Louisiana for a 50,000-watt antenna
On a sinner’s prayer, three chords and the truth
Golden State’s got your name, a Greyhound bus and a Walk of Fame
It’s a hard lesson on what distance can do

If God made the two cities closer I’d be right beside you
where would the Grand Canyon be?
I’ll Nashville, Or L.A., Tennessee

[Verse 2]
Dreamers’ are done
Spit the say the all the rest

Souls always looking for
A into love, a the door
Just compass pointed east and west

place this won’t go
Star-lined streets, backroads
Broadway bars or≤ the land of screens
So I’ll Nashville, L.A., Tennessee

I’ve been a man I’ve tried amends
2,000 miles and beautiful plans
Tell western stars, watching over
of angels, I’m coming for you
only I ’til I wings

[Verse 3]
I’ll this pickup truck
And I’ll the sun comes up
I and the your dreams
Just know I’d move mountains for you
Every of desert sand
And if ever wanna down me
I’ll Nashville, L.A., Tennessee
I’ll Nashville, L.A., Tennessee

the and the low
where the and the low
where the and the low