Travis Atreo – Lola Lyrics

I was alone on the empty dance floor
And my heart wanted more than what it had before
You walk through the door, it’s like time stood still
But like it wasn’t real, and I feel that still

We started to dance and we gave love a chance
Fell into a we hand
They dimmed the lights, I into your eyes
I knew that I would love you for the of my life

We a made a house into a home
Young and we were alone
We and we cried, watched story unfold own
Making way down the road

Our children grew a of us
We planted the and grew love
We gave we had through the and sad
the and the bad
We still found time to dance

turned to months
And the months turned to years
We live nothing to fear
mountains, the we’ve grown
Unknown, but you’ll always be a home

Our love was guideline, we it along
Now legacy, singing song
lives we was something true
They yeah, when I started dancing you