Wade Forster – Richmond County Line Lyrics

When I get back from Roanoke, will you tell me what I missed?
I was trying to make a name, and I missed you and the kids
And I hope I didn’t miss too much, cause I’ll be gone again in time
And I’ll be packing all my things, and the Richmond line

There’s a in a St. that reminds me the thought
that old rail working truck that I’d till was hot
And couldn’t compete with these **** strings,
that I’d pluck all **** night till the alarm clock rang

I’ll forget my first in a town
They played minimum while I their whiskey down
The morning I woke with a hangover that I didn’t quite deserve
A on the roof my mouth, oh, I didn’t possess a nerve

And I love the thought back there, but I can’t planes
And I long the taste red dust like running through the veins
And I’ve grown to all the that I don’t think that I’ve learned
long days broken and the lessons that I’ve learned

when I get back from Roanoke, please say goodbye
I was trying to make a and you trying to the lie
And I know it’s way too much, and without it’d be just fine
So I’ll all my and head the Richmond Line
Richmond Line